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A bunch of Creators, Innovators Dreamers, Doers

Creating experiences that matter to us.

We Think App is a UI/UX Design & Dev Studio, delivering end-to-end solutions for Web, Mobile and AR/VR/MR to companies of all sizes. We’re an intimate group of people finding innovative ways to add value to businesses through humanistic and progressive digital products and strategies.

We consider each project as an opportunity to leave a unique mark on the Visual and Technical anthropology of the digital world. We bring the client and User to centre-stage and hope to establish a lasting relationship through problem-solving, attention to detail, functionality and simplified User Experience. With various clients from London, Florida, Belgium, New York, San Francisco and more, WTA creates for a global audience.

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The strength of our team, is each individual member.

45% Developers 22% Designers Operations 18% 3D Artists 5% Strategists 10%


Founder, CEO & Head of Design

Our powerhouse of inspiration and enthusiasm, Manish leads WTA with his excellence, charm and weird sense of humour. An entrepreneur and digital nomad, he dropped out of engineering to satisfy his creative cravings towards problem-solving and a life of detail when he stumbled upon UX design. A self-taught UX and Product designer backed by top-class clients, at a reasonably young age, his vision and beliefs have firmly placed WTA in India’s UI/UX industry as they grow together. An avid traveller and music festival enthusiast, you will find him raging about Tomorrowland for the rest of this year.


  • Senior Backend Developer
  • Senior foosball player
  • Highly functional
  • Surprisingly missing at every office party
  • Kavya

  • Content Writer/Strategist
  • Wannabe jack of all trades
  • Cat lady
  • Will hurt you if you cross her

  • UX Designer
  • UI experimenter
  • Dog lover
  • Sarcasm comprehension level 0
  • Hareesh

  • Senior Frontend Developer
  • Team player
  • Foosball champion
  • Beer enthusiast
  • Bhargav

  • Filmmaker
  • Formal wear preacher
  • Easily offended
  • Bala

  • 3D game artist
  • Aggressive gamer
  • Closet doodler
  • Foosball table technician
  • Vishnu

  • Backend developer
  • Lanky llama
  • Annoyingly punctual
  • Fussy about his mocktails
  • Jagan

  • Frontend Developer
  • Silent crusader
  • Lunch bringer
  • Blown away by water plants
  • Vikranth

  • Frontend Developer
  • Most wanted Volleyball player
  • Hates all movies
  • Abdul

  • Android Developer
  • Official biryani agent
  • Family man
  • Regularly amazed by stuff
  • Nishitha

  • Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Newbie UI designer
  • Instinctively maternal
  • Harry

  • UI Designer
  • Fast learner
  • Shoe collector
  • Questionable photographer
  • Vamshi

  • Backend Developer
  • Smooth talker
  • Meme collector
  • Gives away secrets after 2 drinks
  • Dileep

  • Tester
  • Quality assurer
  • Over the top technical
  • Enjoys tongue-in-cheek humour
  • Sasirekha

  • Backend Developer
  • Mathematician
  • Teetotaller
  • Works best in standing position
  • Sunitha

  • UI Designer
  • Established actress
  • Mother of Charlie
  • Rare sighting once in a blue moon.
  • Charlie

  • Will bite you
  • Vivek

  • Well, he’s an intern
  • Life in a Design studio

    Life in a Design studio

    • 90+

      Brainstorm sessions over tea and biscuits

    • 80+

      Clients satisfied with our work

    • 17

      Bets running on the foosball table so far

    • 17

      inspirational quotes in the office

    • 11

      Volleyball Players

    • 2

      Dream journals maintained

    • 200+

      Brainstorm sessions over tea and biscuits

    Our every day musings

    ISO 9001 : 2015

    ISO 9001:2015 is a bundle of standards that relate to quality management systems. ISO 9001:2015 is maintained by ISO, International Organization for Standardization. Confirmation that the organization meets the requirements of ISO 9001 is obtained by third party certification body.


    Road No. 36,
    Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad,
    Telangana 500033, India


    34 Heathside close
    Newbury Park
    IG2 7PD
    United Kingdom


    11590 Fenwick
    Ct Dublin
    CA 94568


    1. The first Thought

      The brainchild of a young amicable designer, WTA studios was conceptualised aiming to solve problems and build meaningful products.

      April, 2015
    2. Found ourselves a place

      1 project in, we step into our first office.

      May, 2015
    3. Brought the good ones over

      Officially announced our inception, team has grown into 8 brilliant minds.

      August, 2015
    4. Website is live!

      B.E.P reached! Website Launched!

      November, 2015
    5. The journey begins

      1st revenue generation milestone met.

      February, 2016
    6. All things New

      WTA moves to a swanky new office in a prime locality. We step into the world of 3D animation with our 1st project. Team expands to a happy 18 peeps.

      April, 2016
    7. Step into Virtual Reality

      Successfully implemented our 1st POC. Began working on AR/VR & MR. 1st Virtual reality project commences.

      June, 2016
    8. The big guns

      Our patience pays off as we strike magic with Procter & Gamble.

      August, 2016
    9. Got the comfy chairs out

      Finally all C-level positions occupied and office looks full.

      September, 2016
    10. Passports at the ready!

      A huge opportunity to work on our first ERP Project(Biggest deal so far!). Begin working with international clients.

      October, 2016
    11. Innovation through Collaboration

      WTA gets onboard with the PwC innovation team to build interactive prototypes for them.

      December, 2016
    12. Our best hire yet!

      Charlie, our Chief Dog Officer appointed to monitor the rising stress levels at work.

      January, 2016
    13. We’re going Global

      Our biggest project from Europe and we decide to expand our operations globally.

      February, 2017
    14. A fresh new look

      Successfully Incorporated WTA’s first branch in London, UK. Now in the process of Re-Designing/Branding our company.

      March, 2017
    15. Ready for the Valley

      In less than a month, We’ve also made our presence know in San Francisco and incorporated WTA in the Golden City.

      April, 2017